Curvy Returning Boomerang Set

Curvy Returning Boomerang Set

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Light weight returning boomerang. Hand Painted Boomerang Set with matching wood stand, packaged in a quality gift box. Making it an ideal gift for all occasions. Boomerangs are hand painted with unique backgrounds. Each set comes with throwing instructions.

Painting features traditional outback native arts. Each colour and symbols have a unique representation and interpretation, providing an insight of the Aboriginal Culture.

Designs, Arts by Eddy Harris. All Royalties are paid.

  • Hand Crafted Returning boomerang Set from Plywood
  • Hand Painted with unique contemporary art work, design cannot be guaranteed the same and may vary
  • Available in different backgrounds, background colour may vary
  • Please note on order if a specific background is required, at checkout
  • Available sizes: 08 Inch, 12 Inch and 14 Inch
  • Designed in Australia, made in Vietnam